Starting Out

There are worse places to live than Fargo/Moorhead. Smaller towns, bigger cities, scarier demographics, more boring. But here is where I live right now and now is what I’m writing about.

Words are my medium and while I have yet to find a way to make a living with them, I do love to share my words with others. Hence starting this Blog.

Here and now I am a Realtor wishing I was a writer. Earning a living, raising children, finding time, overcoming pain and lethargy, have been my blocks to having my wish come true, but little by little, I am overcoming these blocks. The Realtor gig gives me the free time if I work it right, as well as providing a second income. The kids are now teens not needing much raising albeit considerably more involvement. I’m down to pain and just plain laziness as my excuses now and in my next post I hope to chronicle my newfound vitality and how I got there!

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