A Bloody Groundswell

I was born in 1957 and am newly innaugurated into the peri-pre-whatever menopausal ranks. That being said, I have a question.

Why, as history will attest, if women my age have always been on the leading edge of trends, then why must we take a back seat to pregnant women in our need for medical guidance through this liberating stage of our lives!? I live in a relatively small metro area, yet I have been relegated to the ‘newer’ OB/GYN doctors since all of the ‘recommended’ doctors have closed practices, and my appointments have to be booked out a month in the future – in deference to the doctors’ birthing patients. Yes, it’s true that clinically its all the same plumbing, but there are WAY too many differences in what WE at this age are going through, compared to what newly pregnant moms are experiencing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not drawing a line in the sand, I’d just like to see a physician specialization that deals solely with pre, peri, and menopausal women, so we don’t have to take a back seat to the ones on the other side of the spectrum, (or speculum, as it were) in making our appointments.

Is there anyone else out there that is feeling this same thing?

One thought on “A Bloody Groundswell

  1. My doctor is my age and female. I chose her way back when for this very reason. Figured we'd be able to relate.Your point is a very good one just the same. Midwives for menopause would be handy too.Sue Richards

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