Oh, I had to sign up to blog every day…

OK, well, it’s been one of those Realtor/Mommy/Wife/Oh-yeah-i’m-also-a-person-in-here-somewhere Days!

The house is a pit, and I woke up this morning with what I thought was a clear day. So thinking I had no committments, I started picking up. Ooops, I’ve got a meeting at 9:30… yikes, it’s 8:30 now… OK, I can shower and get there… don’t forget dog food and bird seed! After the meeting, dealt with customer issues until 12:30. Downtown Dad calls, ‘wanna go to lunch?’ ‘sure’ phone calls through lunch, finally resolve issues, kids call, ‘mom, where are you?’ go home, dole out money, help with homework, check to see if all the ingredients are there for dinner…. run back out to yoga… back home, fix dinner, sit down to eat it and have a glass of wine – aw man, I didn’t get the dog food and bird seed….Yikes, I have to post a blog a day! Whew.


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