I come up empty

I’m enrolled in a creative writing course… I pledged to the all knowing unseen Internet gods that I’d post once daily…which by the way was my reasoning for creating a blog in the first place. So you’d think that I’d have this, these, committments topmost on my mind – but noooooo! Having said that you’d think I’d blame the oftimes aforementioned hormonal fluctuations, or at the very least, blame the on-call-ness of being a Realtor (with a capital R), no that’s not it either. Perhaps the fact that a well-loved person from my office just succumbed to the swift yet painful death sentence of ovarian cancer – and still, I can’t even claim that as reason for my lack of post. No, it’s more mercurial than that, and yet, not worthy of a word like mercurial. I’m afraid it is the force I dare not name and yet…. I must name. Alas it is – Laziness.

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