I skipped a day….

Forgive me, Oh Internet Goddess of Nablopomo… it is yet early, and I have not yet perfected the art of saving up posts for those days where there is nary a moment to pee, let alone post something of literary significance on my blog.

I offer up this not yet fully formed snippet as an offering to appease thee:

Beez: “Hi Mom, what are you doing?”

Me: “Hi sweetie, Um… (driving, texting, dropping off a contract, stopping to tell a client something they don’t want to hear…) Nothing,…”

Beez: “I need your help to buy Marci a coat.”

Me: (A coat? Doesn’t she have a coat? What the hell does an independent North Dakota single mom need with a coat?) “OK, where, and when?”

Beez: “Well, not for another 30 minutes.”

Me: (Phew, I can handle this…) “Cool, call me when you want to leave… oh, hey? By the way, What does Marci need with a coat?”

Beez: “We’ll talk about that later …K?”

Me: (…Later?!? Whadya mean Later? What can’t you tell me now? What does later mean? What do you mean ‘we’ll talk about THAT later…what is THAT?) “K, Bye.”

One thought on “What?

  1. Multi-tasking, coats, blogging, phone conversations… it's hard to keep it all straight.I have a hard time saving up posts. As soon as I write it, I want it out there.But, I'm out of town the first eight days of Noovember, off the grid, so I'll need to post ahead and date it ahead.Thanks for visiting my site.C.

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