Nyquil and Animal Planet Hangover

I woke up on Friday perfectly fine, but by Friday afternoon I was sure that I was about to die. At the height of my infirmity, I remember asking Downtown Dad to run to the store and get me some Nyquil. He did, and I slipped in and out of a Nyquil coma for the next 48 hours, the TV tuned to Animal Planet which was running a Meerkat Manor Marathon. When I finally awoke, I had a splitting headache and the strangest memories of little furry people with names like Zaphod, Kinkajou and Rocket Dog, fighting over scorpions….

2 thoughts on “Nyquil and Animal Planet Hangover

  1. Man, that's a heavy trip – Nyquil and Meerkats… Meerkats freak me out at the best of times. Sometimes my regular cat acts like a meerkat just to get me back for some imagined slight. I run and fetch kitty treats to make him stop. Now I'm going to have nightmares because I had to type meerkat so many times.

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