Uppity Bee-otch

I really should apologize for yesterday’s uppity-bee-otch post. Not to you, my invisible friends, but to Downtown Dad (because eventually he’s gonna read this). Women get it when they hear uppity-bee-otchiness and respond with things like “OMG! I know, right?” 0r, “We had the exact same conversation!” And then women move on. Men don’t. Men take things very personally.

This past week Downtown Dad really has been a fabulous example of why my friends call him an “evolved male.” Well not only this week, because he truly is probably the most perfect husband ever, but especially so since I’ve been sick, and grumpy and stressed and lazy.

He got the laundry done, and while it’s all still sitting in piles on the basement couch – he did get it all folded too! He vacuumed, he did the dishes, he made a fabulous chicken tortilla soup – from scratch, and he also mowed the lawn, raked the leaves and got the kids where they were supposed to go. He brought me Ny-Quil when I was dying fer God’s sake!

He really is like this mostly all the time. I only really get uppity-bee-otchy when I don’t hold up what I consider to be my end of the duties, then I feel guilty and get all defensive for really no reason, and the devil on my shoulder slips the angel on my other shoulder a Mickey and while she’s passed out, starts whispering all kinds of uppity-bee-otch trash in my ear, which I spew out unfiltered.

But then, that’s what Blogs are for… I know, right?!

2 thoughts on “Uppity Bee-otch

  1. Susan – BFF and hubby were setting up a lunch for the four of us – so they both say. I still don't know why so clandestine-ly. We shall see in about a month!

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