The Countdown Begins

In 35 days I turn the big 5 – 0.

Naturally with the impending milestone birthday like this breathing down my neck, my thoughts turn to things like Retirement, Social Security, and AARP. Mine and about 250,000,000 other aging baby boomers. It was ironic then this morning that two out of the three rotating screens on MSN greeted me with headlines of: 8 Money Moves To Make at 50! … and Grey and Georgous! I can’t even get old without falling into a pre-examined demographic!

At least this year I am going to celebrate by doing something I hope is unique. Kimisue, my BFF from a previous post, who also turns 5 – 0, will do so 20 days before me. She and her hubby, who live in Seattle will board the Empire Builder Amtrack train there, while Downtown dad and I, will board the same line here in Fargo, on November 25th – exactly midway between our birthdays. We we will simultaneously ride the train to our weekend destination, Glacier Park, Montana – more or less smack dab between our homes!

Nablopomo starts today! What a good excuse to chronicle the final remaining days of my first 1/2 century!

5 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. See, you should stop thinking about old-age type stuff and think about the freedom of being over 50! Time to do all the fun stuff you were never allowed, had time, had money, had freedom to do when you were younger. Looking forward to the countdown.

  2. OH I like those plans. How much fun will that be! 🙂 It sounds similar to something my BFF and I planned. We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversaries the same year, and it is our hope to take a trip (just the four of us). Enjoy!!

  3. I have so many friends that have told me that fifty and beyond are the best years of all. What a way to celebrate this landmark. My husband is almost 57 and he refuses to join AARP. I want the movie discount!

  4. What a fun plan! You guys will have a blast. Are you really worried about 50? Turning 40 was almost a relief…I like here!Now I need to go find out about the empire train, I've never heard about it…

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