True Confessions

The last couple of posts have been half-assed, citing my lack of energy. Well honestly, that’s what I *thought* was the reason.

Turns out – I can trace it back to the fact that unbeknowst to anyone else, I’m basically a very shy introverted person with a serious lack of self esteem, stemming from my inability to get approval from my father, which manifested itself in thinking I’m not worthy of compliments or of anything good that happens in my life. This, caused me to compensate by putting on the outer facade of confident-woman/super-mom, thus giving others the false impression that I am a talented, outgoing, vivacious person who can accomplish anything, which, of course, manifested itself (a la The Secret) in me having a super fabulous year, accomplishing everything I wanted, since apparently my subconscious believed the impression I was projecting to everyone else.

So, here I am with an embarrassment of accomplishments and opportunities, and with what feels like an endless number of things to blog about – something akin to the old addage “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!” At the same time though, the shy introvert in me just wants to crawl under the covers and dissapear into a book because I’m overwhelmed by the endless number of things to blog about!

3 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Endless number of things to blog about? What a great problem to have! I'm about to go out and buy a bag of fortune cookies just so they can guest host on my blog. Hope the dry spell ends soon.

  2. I've had that happen too as an introvert finding oneself suddenly in a situation with so much happening and yet just being zapped from the energy it takes to maintain something that you don't feel inside. You're not alone!

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