"Tis The Day Before…"

After a 12 hour drive with two teenagers and two dogs in the SUV, Downtown Dad and I made it to his parents’ house in Southern Missouri understandably feeling a little bedraggled! Even without snow this year, their house IS Christmas for us – every wall and flat surface cozied up with a familiary reminder of the season. After the hugs and hellos and the butt sniffing (c’mon, the dogs, not us) and the preliminary catching up – we fell into our beds – sans kerchief and cap – and drifted off for a long winter’s nap!

It’s Christmas Eve morning and I’m trying to get this post written and published before the whole house wakes up. While the old hubub of coordinating Santa’s arrival has lessened some as the kids have gotten older, the familiar patterns will soon take over and the comfort foods will be set out and consumed until we are all groaning. Familiar sounds, like our favorite Chistmas music, and “turn down that TV!” and of course we’ll have ceremonious dragging out of the cassette of three-year old Beez reciting “Twatha Night Before Cwiimith.” I’m going to see if Grandpa G, with all of his technological wizardry, will burn that 20 year old cassette onto something more permanent and then I can post it here! If we can break away from the talking and the eating and the butt-sniffing!

6 thoughts on “"Tis The Day Before…"

  1. Merry Christmas Linda. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your good wishes. Also welcome to the Over 50's. It's 10 pm here, while I should think it's not later than 4 pm where you are. I hope your day is as wonderful as ours has been.

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