‘Snot Fair

It wasn’t enough that I turned 50 two weeks ago….

It wasn’t enough that we’ve been cooped up with two dogs and two teenagers in a car for 15 hours….

No, it wasn’t even enough when I got hit with the mother of all snot-rendering, throat searing colds within the first of those 15 hours – and was laid a-bed for the next two-days….

Now this has to arrive.

7 thoughts on “‘Snot Fair

  1. Well, just do like Mr. G. and ignore the bastards. I beg him to join for the senior movie discounts, but he just glares at me, and I shut the hell up.Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

  2. I'm with mrs. g. I was going to mention the movie discounts. I think the "seniors" here even get discounts on ice cream cones at the local ice cream parlor. Something to think about. 😉 Eat some cheap ice cream, catch a cheap movie. Hell, go for special parking and seating while you're at it. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  3. Is this the same as the Seniors Card we have in Australia? I think over here you have to be 60 to get one though.Just swallow your pride, flash the card and enjoy the free or cheap stuff!

  4. so you'r 50 NO Big Deal,I'm turning 56 on 1/22/08.It what you have done with your life that is important,not to mention if you still have a child like wonder about the world,you are forever young!!!!!!Case in point I have been a corrections officer,a realtor,a husband of 28 years on3/01/08,I have been sober since12/17/1990.these are some of the things that are great in my life,now only if the seizures will stop I'll be in exelecent shape and maybe start driveing again then I might get my realestate license out of escrow with the state of Ohio and start practicing realestate again.Now you have a brief look at my life.I entertain my self by learning somethig new every week,sometimes every day,there is so much to discover via the internet it is not funny.That's my take on life.Mike G.

  5. Hey I read something a while back to the tune of, "While young people have the arrogance of their age, they only live to be the age of their elders if they're lucky."It was written better, but somehow it struck a cord with me. Also, good luck with x365!

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