Apostrophy’s Debut

In my day… or should I say… ‘back in the day’ …garage bands played loud music that our parents hated and if they were lucky enough to ever play in public, it was in smoky bars for 5 or 6 drunk patrons…. NOT in a high school auditorium with more than 250 people – and lighting, and sound! Oh, and the band member’s parents were NEVER sitting in the back taking pictures for heaven’s sake!

My 14 year old son, Bear on the right playing bass … with ‘bare’ feet (that you can’t see because he’s behind the speaker) Trevor, Cage and Bjorn make up the rest of the band.

Now you can say you knew them when!

3 thoughts on “Apostrophy’s Debut

  1. ROCK ON BOYS!!! And you too, Mom!! ;)Ok…in case this gets posted 3 times…I'm SORRY!! I'm having issues with the word verification I think?? Or brain issues…either way, since you moderate…please only post one??

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