Birds and Dogs and Furballs – Oh My!

I must be needing some ideas for posts I guess, so I joined up with Fun Monday.

This week’s host is Lisa’s Chaos she says: Let’s meet your pets. I think most of us have at least one pet and I would like to see your fluffy or scaly pal. If you don’t have a camera you can tell us about him/her/them. If you don’t have a pet tell us about a pet you had or a pet you want. If for some weird reason you hate all animals we want to know why gosh-dang-it.

OK… pets? Did you say pets? Boy howdy do we have pets!

First of all there are our cockatiels, Tizzy and Rascal. That’s them on Downtown Dad’s shoulder.

These birds LOVE their Downtown Dad. All he has to do is clear his throat and both birds go wild, cheeping and peeping and calling him with wolf whistles so he’ll come let them out of their cage so they can climb all over his head.

Next is Chako. He is our purebred 6 year old Samoyed… with white fur….lots of white fur.

His full name is Cheechako which is what Downtown Dad’s nickname was when he was a lobbyist in Alaska – it means ‘greenhorn’ or ‘the new guy.’ Did I mention he has lots of white fur?

Then there is Zoey, a 3 year old Sheltie. Her fur is brown on top, but it’s white underneath.
Between the feathers, and seeds and white furballs, we keep the lint roller companies in business!

18 thoughts on “Birds and Dogs and Furballs – Oh My!

  1. I really like birds. I'd probably let Shaun talk me into having one if they weren't so darn loud though. Not that we need anymore critters or anything 🙂

  2. :)thanks for the tip about the Lysine tablets. i've gotten so behind on your blog with the holidays, and playing catch-up at work from all the crap i DIDN'T do in december 😛 i'm freaking out right now. this thing is the size of my other news…how cute are all those babies?! oh, dude, my word verif is mrgoat. lol.

  3. Super pet shares! I love this week's theme,—–getting to meet the 4 legged families!Thanks for explaining what "Cheechako" means….that's a cool name.Have a super FUN MONDAY

  4. maybe you should train them to enjoy being vacuumed? I had a dog that loved the blow dryer, but never the vacuum. Both were equally noisy, just must have been the feel of it.I love Shelties – our neighbors have two old ones named Woody and Lily.

  5. Pamela's right about the vacuum. I used to drive truck cross-country for a living and the dogs went with us. I dust-busted them every morning. They liked it just fine…

  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL Samoyed – I absolutely love those dogs. Our short-haired dog sheds like mad, so I can only imagine how much white fur you could collect – enough for a sweater?

  7. Beautiful birds and beautiful dogs. I especially love that white fur, even though I'm sure it's the bane of your existence. There is nothing prettier than a clean, fluffy white dog.

  8. Cute pups..I used to have a cockatiel way back when, his name was Buddy. We were told he was a boy. We eventually gave him to a friend who had a female and they fell in love…they both started laying eggs!!

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