Delurk, ya jerk!

Some dude I just clicked on named Rude Cactus decided that today is Delurking Day, but after doing some quick research I realized that according to some other blogs, it’s actually Delurking Week! And according to Dad2twins – if you don’t delurk – you’re a commie! Greeblemonkey picked up the thread and made this graphic. Well, it was so cute I just had to put it up!

Its funny, I’ve been thinking about lurkers recently, so this is very timely! Just the other day, I hit 3,000 views, and today it’s 100 more, but do I have 100 comments? No. Are my posts so unfriendly that I repel your comments? I look at my feed traffic stats and see familiar towns and cities, but nary a note from a long lost friend or even a whassup from a new acquaintance. Why, Santa Barbara, California don’t you say hello? I grew up there, we might even know each other! Bothell, Washington – who are you? Do you live anywhere near the first house I bought at 18% interest back in 1980? Cedar Rapids, Iowa – we have relatives there, are you one of them? Edinburgh, Scotland – hi! We’re coming to visit you this summer… we should talk! Irmo, South Carolina – if you are not my niece Michelle, then you certainly must know her!

As usual for me, when I am inspired, a limerick is usually not far behind, so I’ll leave you all tonight with some spur of the moment, homemade delurking culture, and honestly, I think it’s pretty good, but – what do you think?

If blogging’s a real line of work
And comments, the ultimate perk
Then get off of the fence
Put in your two cents
But please don’t continually lurk!

14 thoughts on “Delurk, ya jerk!

  1. I'm here, but you knew that already.Re: the wordpress thing, I did do it because of the template customization options– I really wanted those new pages. I am trying to learn some CSS so that I can do even more, but for now, I am much happier with the look and feel. Only suggestion? Don't migrate your posts from blogger more than once– the "don't duplicate" button doesn't work quite right. I kept my WP blog private while I was working on it so it wouldn't show up in Google.

  2. Hi Linda and thanks for visiting me today. Believe you me, making sour dough bread or any bread for that matter is more trouble than it's worth.I enjoyed reading your blog. I love the poem about being a lurker. Did you write that? It is a good one.

  3. Great limerick! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I did not know that it was Delurking Week. I will have to make sure to comment on all the blogs I read – although I usually do anyway!

  4. Very nice job on the limerick. Some people have got it and some don't – I fall in the latter category, although I punish my readers by participating in a poetry thing once a month. It's ghastly!

  5. Hello, I try to leave a comment each time I have time to visit other blogs. Godd things to say mean a lot to alot of people. I am planing to put something up about the subject soon. Have a good evening.A New Visitor,Joyce

  6. Did I know you grew up in Santa Barbara? I lived there until I was three. I love Santa Barbara, whenever we would go back to visit we would take time to picnic and play at that park..shady something? oak something?…you know.. up by the mission. Beautiful. If I close my eyes I can smell the warm dusty ground and the live oaks.

  7. we added each other somehow to friends through blog 365 (does that make sense) but that was recently.. i've got you listed as martini girl on my blogroll over at the mouse house. feel free to scurry on by and say hi!

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