Fun Monday – Websites That Changed My Life (or at least a few hours of it)

Ann over at For The Long Run is this week’s hostess for Fun Monday, and she wants to hear about a web site, and not just about any old web site… no, she wants to hear about a web site that’s changed your life! A web site that you can’t live without. A web site whose inventor you’d like to see win a McArthur Genius Grant….

Well, OK Ann, but that’s going to take some thinking. I mean sure we can all say ‘what in the world would we do without Google?’ But that’s just the point, we can all say that… We’re doing this so we can learn something new – so we can find the link to some hidden e-fountain of youth, or secret to untold i-treasures! Well, I don’t have the links to either of those things, but I took a look at my Favorites list and while no one website on that list has actually changed my life, I’m pretty sure a few of them affected significant alterations. I also have a terrible time limiting myself to just one anything, so here are a few websites I frequent that may not actually change your life, but could be useful:

Susan Miller’s Forecasts at Astrology Zone. Ok, this is going to sound all “woo woo” and maybe last year was a case of a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ but Susan’s two page free monthly horoscopes, for me anyway, have been eerily right on. She explained in January 2007, that for Saggitarians, the alignment of the planets would be extremely fortuitous, and if we Sags played our cards right we would get just about anything we asked for. Any by golly, if she wasn’t right, for me anyway., along with Downtown Dad’s membership there and his patient genealogical tutoring, helped me track down some elusive relatives on my paternal grandmother’s side of the family. Tracing the women in your family is infinitely harder than the men, since their names tend to change, and they don’t always read or write, and sometimes they have secrets they don’t want told….

The first Blog I ever read “This Fish Needs A Bicycle” and this beautiful entry inspired me to start my own blog, and to write every day in hopes of coming up with something close. I haven’t made it yet, but I keep trying.

If you are looking for something that will suck up hours of your time, go to Wordlab. I’m not sure I have that many things in my life need naming so badly, but if you need a word, or a group of words for something, you can find it there. They also have a quirky intelligent voice in their writing style, with links to all things linguistic. Plus, they have a blogroll to die for that opens up links to more languagey sites, with more blogrolls that link to more wordish people, who link to more, and so on and so on.

Like I said, hours of your time….

19 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Websites That Changed My Life (or at least a few hours of it)

  1. Holy crap I just spent far too long over at the Astrology site! I must be woo woo because I love stuff like this :o) So I just came back to say thanks for the great site!

  2. oh-uh, anything called Wordlab is going to suck me right in! Thanks for participating. (Funny enough, google never occurred to me when I thought of the topic- Google's become like water or oxygen – necessary, but just automatically there)

  3. the bad thing about this assignment is that every post has brought me into and linked to yet another site making this evening's posts somewhat loner than usual. Your mention of the Ancestry site reminded me of my days when I did my family search. Back in High School, I used to think I was of royalty – somehow, somewhere – maybe switched at birth. No such luck. Maybe the technology is better now, and if I go back there might be that link that says I am more than a humble superhero. thanks! NLM

  4. like i don't have enough to check out and get hopelessly sucked into and never hope of getting out…did you hear…i am now addicted to twitter…now i have to check out word lab…thanks…thanks alot…LOLkerith

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