Thats A Stretch

After storming into my doctor’s office today, brandishing kitchen shears and demanding that she amputate my right arm, she calmly told me that my recent pain was caused by a pinched nerve. The nerve however is in my neck, not my shoulder, and the pain is more likely due to sleeping with my head at a slightly cockeyed angle, than nerve damage from mouse clicking. She couldn’t imagine how regular computer activities could be active enough to cause immediate pain. …Well, apparently the woman doesn’t blog! I’ve been engaging in quite a bit of active blogging lately. You know what I mean….

  • I’m nearly breathless from miles and miles of link following
  • My sides hurt quite often from hearty belly laughing
  • My eyes are loose in their sockets from the cartoon double-takes I do when I read about some bloggy adventure.
  • And, while not even a little bit of my ass has actually come off when I am ROTFLMAO, I’d guess the rolling on the floor could pinch a nerve or two.

So all this got me to thinking. When one engages in physical activity, it’s probably wise to stretch, or warm up beforehand. I’ve heard that the biggest reason people get injured is due to decreased flexibility or failing to stretch. And while this pinched nerve thing is the closest I’ve ever come to a sports related injury (unless you count the pool-table-pole-vaulting incident) its something I spend quite a bit of time doing, and given the pain I’ve experienced the last couple of days – something I’d better learn to do right! So I’m going to be limbering up before I head off to visit my invisible friends from now on… Of course you can take things a bit too far….

10 thoughts on “Thats A Stretch

  1. Alun, with whom I share an office, got a stitch in his side the other day and all he was doing was typing on his keyboard! Now that is unfit! Strangely enough I have a painful little finger knuckle today: I wonder …

  2. Technology injuries can be serious. I have a friend who developed a swollen lymph node during allergy season, because it couldn't drain properly with her crinking her neck over to hold the phone on her shoulder for hours on end.

  3. So funny. I think I'll try doing a stretching routine tomorrow so that hubby sees me and is compelled to ask why? Then, I'll run through your list and watch him roll his eyes.

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