Forgive me…

I have been remiss, my invisible friends… I have not visited your blogs, I have not posted anything interesting or even comment worthy for a while. But, I think – to paraphrase the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “tomorrow will be another day!”

The whole Mouse Shoulder pain thing has really sidelined me. I could not comfortably sit at my computer for more than a couple of minutes. And believe me, I really like to be comfortable to read…actually READ the blogs I visit regularly.

So, today – after being confined to a chair for a two hour meeting, I got into my car and stretched my numb right arm, and tried to do some gentle neck stretches as my doctor had prescribed, but in the midst of one stretch I felt a POP in my neck and immediately, the two fingers on my right hand which had been numb, started buzzing, like your foot after it’s been asleep. My shoulder pain turned into a flash of hot fatigued muscles and I immediately felt better.

I’ts taken all day, but the buzzing in my index finger has contained itself to the fingernail and tip, and while the fatigued muscles in my upper back have continued to burn, it’s a good burn, like when you’ve done some good exercize. I truly think I am on the road to recovery! I mean look, I was able to sit here for 20 minutes and compose a spontateous post and it doesn’t hurt!

9 thoughts on “Forgive me…

  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I like what I see here! Zen and knitting in the same sentence, Wow! Love that yarn! But I have to ask, did you recently move house? Your nightstand is just too, too tidy! I was too ashamed to take a picture of mine LOL. Now the book pile and crystals were one thing but the draw was a definite no go zone.

  2. Did you write the book Straight Up and Dirty? If so, I heard you read parts of it at Book People in Austin – and sent an autographed copy to our daughter who's a blogger. Good read – I enjoyed it!

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