I lied. My arm was not better. I finally went to a chiropractor yesterday and again today where he adjusted my poor poor subluxated spine. About 15 more visits and I should be good as new….

Tess and Bear auditioned for the high school spring show last week and YAY – they both made it in!

Real Estate is picking up…

My 84 year old mom was in the hospital over this past weekend with a 104 temperature due to a urinary tract infection. I’m happy to say she’s back home and recovered nicely… thanks to the ministrations of a decidedly flaming male nurse who just couldn’t stop listening to her, then just couldn’t stop telling my sister how FABU-lous her mother was, and who will probably call just to check up on her and bring her some of the tulips he grows…. what is it with the women in my family attracting gay men? What, I haven’t mentioned that before….? Oh ho, there’s a post for some day!

3 thoughts on “Drivvel

  1. Did you say Real Estate is picking up? Woohoo. We are getting ready to re-up our contract with our agent.I have a good feeling this spring, like it might actually sell.Glad your Mom is home and healing.

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