A week and a day late….

Ok, I know it’s Tuesday, but here’s the thing…. Last week on Fun Monday we were sposta post a song that was the essence of ourselves. Not necessarily the themesong of our life, but a song that your friends would hear and say “yep, oh yeah, baby, that’s you!” Well, I posted a song that I heard waaaaay back in the 70’s, that even back then, I said “that’s the themesong of my life.” And you can ask my friends they’ll say “oh yeah, yep, that’s what she said!”

Even through all the the filters I always run my posts, and through all of the comments… dude, that song fared pretty well. I thought… this is the wordless and innocuous themesong of my life and it shall carry me through my waning years…

But then I found this…. if the imagery escapes you…. He’s standing in front of a GRANDFATHER CLOCK! Eff Eff Ess!

I say again…. Eff Eff Ess!

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