Engineers’ Stereotype

I’ve been at my new perfect job now for two months. I work for an engineering firm and in case you don’t know it, engineers are kind of known for being anal their attention to detail.

I thought I’d share one of the things that makes me giggle. When I open the cupboard at work every morning to get a cup of coffee – this is what I see:

Do you notice that every mug is the same? All of the plates are on one shelf and the bowls on another. Notice the naughty older mugs of an inferior design are relegated to their own shelf, not to intermingle with the superior newer mugs.

Notice how each one of the cups’ handles are turned the very same way….

I stand back for a minute and shake my head as I sip my coffee. It makes me giggle, but in a strange way, it also brings me peace.

11 thoughts on “Engineers’ Stereotype

  1. I’m married to an engineer…we don’t have any coffee cups that match, nor are they on the same shelves with the handles turned the same way…their not even in the same cabinet.Want me to send him over?

  2. Okay, I so get this. One of my best friends is an architect and his cabinets are like this. His postcard display on the fridge is even in march formation! And let’s not even try to understand keeping used banana peels in the freezer in a bag until garbage day. On second thought, that may not be architectural but just old manism.

  3. Notice the “naughty” mug handles turned the “other” direction? ;D Faye: My mother puts banana peels in the freezer in a bag until garbage day too. She’s 78. 😀

  4. Not a stereotype at all. My genius hubby is of the engineer type and would see nothing odd about that.Me? I would turn every other handle the other way. Still very organized but slightly askew. naughty me.

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