16 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Veterans Day

  1. This is indeed a very interesting time in our history. I used to live in Virginia, and the town I lived in had a lot of Civil War history. It was striking and sobering to stand on those historic battlefields, all green and beautiful now, and think about what happened there. Thanks Lala, very thought-provoking!

  2. You made a statement with that Photo. What a bloody war that one was and on our turf. We live just 14 miles from the Gettysburg battle field, this area is rich in Civil war history. Thanks for sharing and God Bless

  3. Well thanks for setting up a dilemma for me–I’m from the border state of KY and birthplace of Lincoln. Have no idea whether my family was Confederate or Union. Would like to think Union and suspect that’s so because we were poor mountain stock–not from the flat land that had more southern leanings. Do you know your Civil War roots?

  4. That’s an old picture for sure! I remember being a kid and on the news came the report that the last Civil War Veteran had died. I didn’t understand what the big fuss was about. Soon, we’ll be hearing about the last WW veterans being gone.

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