Some days its just not worth gnawing through the straps….

Seriously, I know there is unfathomable devastation in Missouri, and there are problems with our government, and there are people who are hurt and struggling, and orphan kittens with big sad eyes in dark alleyways – plenty of big important things to worry about.  But I have to come clean here, and admit that I’m stressing to the point of insanity about our upcoming Garaguation party in 3 days!  And while, again, following the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do method, the party will NOT be in the garage, but it will be outside… at least that’s the plan.  The weather, though no where near as bad as impending tornadoes, is still not promising for Saturday, in fact it looks like rain.  Which means we’d have to switch to plan B, which again, is NOT the garage, but the house.  And the house, while not quite exploded by 200mph winds, does look a bit like some incendiary device has gone off.  And there are still things to purchase, and order and prepare!  If I didn’t fear the devil (and some women’s prison) I’d seriously consider a well placed match….

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