If my blog were a TV show, my strongest Neilsen ratings would be three facts and a fib.  Not just any random fact triplets, or just any old untruth.  What seems to be everybody’s favorite show here on the LaLa Land network is the ice-breaker game, Three Facts and A Fib.  I wrote about it once in 2008 and since 2005 out of the nearly 3,000 times someone either accidentally or on purpose accessed my site, 243 of those times was to read about Three Facts and A Fib.

What puzzles me is that its not the best example of my writing, it isn’t funny, nor is it a good example, or even detailed instructions of how to play the game.  Hell, the facts and fib aren’t even interesting enough to have gotten more than 4 comments.  And yet, it continues to draw in viewers from all corners of the Interwebs… mostly from Taiwan, where I can only imagine I must be some kind of cult figure.

One thought on “Pandering

  1. Maybe it's the pet monkey.For the longest time my top posts were "Slash's Real Name" (self-explanatory) and "Atrium White or Cielo Blanco" (paint colors). Imagine my delight when "Norwegian Forest Cats" took over my top spot.

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