Hallelujah, I’m another year older.
Hallelujah, I was right.
Hallelujah, I was lucky enough to know him.
Hallelujah, it was me.
Hallelujah, it wasn’t me.

2011 has, for me, been an awesome year. One that has carried with it the satisfying fruition of much planning and anticipation, as well as bringing along with it some harrowing experiences that may at best be called ‘learning opportunities.’ And I am thankful for every single minute. 

This year has had its minor falls, and major lifts, hellos, and goodbyes, amazing adventures, and stunning revelations.  Summed up in a well worn adage… be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. 

With all that went on, in the space of the past several months, it would seem that I would have plenty to blog about.  But somewhere along the line I seem to have lost my mojo.  If the experience was too negative, then I couldn’t write it because I always feel like I have to put a positive spin on things.  If the experience was too personal, I fretted about writing anything at all.  If the experience was too painful, I simply found it impossible to find the funny, or at least an entertaining aspect that would make it an acceptable post. So I just didn’t.

Looking back, I wish I would have found the words, taken the chances, thrown caution to the wind, so that I could stand now, where I am, and look back at all I’ve climbed over, hacked and slogged through and say Hallelujah! 

Someday, I may well be able to put all of my ragged, broken, golden, and holy thoughts together into something worth sharing.  For now, this starkly beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujia by KD Lang will have to suffice.


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