Holiday Homes Tour 2011

Merry Christmas!   Happy Holidays!   Gud Jule!    Nollaig Shona Duit!  Bright Blessings!   Merry Christmahannukwanza!   Happy Festivus!

I’m honored to be a part of the Jen on the Edge Holiday Homes Extravaganza, though I have to admit, I almost forgot! We usually go overboard on decorations with every surface flocked, decked, or wreathed in some sort of tableau of the season.  This year, we’ve toned it down. So, Welcome to our house! C’mon in and have some nog, or cider and a couple of cookies.

Here’s one of our favorite Santas. This was handpainted in the 60s by Downtown Dad’s loving hands.  This little guy, all of 2 feet tall, weighs in at about 30 pounds!  Under Santa’s watchful eye, a couple of elves climb a ladder………

to fill the stockings, all hung by the chimney with care!

A few more elves are busy with some last minute gifts.
We have a few different styles to choose from for tree decoration.  The kids usually pick the style – so this year they chose the gold and maroon “elegant” look. Truth be told, I prefer the “messy” look, with no real color scheme, using all of the old ornaments.  To me, each one has a story, and it takes hours to do the tree because as we unwrap each fragile macaroni garland or pie tin Jesus, its like seeing an old friend.
And last but not least, wishing you and yours health and happiness in the coming year, are my favorite decorations.  A pair of shabby chic snowpeople that we’ve named Herb and Pearl.

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