Daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes

Goals. Resolutions. Intentions. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Whatever you call them, about a month ago you made them.  Well, OK – I won’t include you in this, I’ll just go ahead and admit that yes, I made them.

I vowed, swore, or otherwise resolved to accomplish, do, or quit some stuff. To that end, I went and signed up for the cutest blog challenge, put on by some of the fanciest bloggers around. It’s called “Imagine the Impossibilities.” These creative women are challenging each other (and anyone else who’d like to join the party) to do something, one tiny thing they thought was impossible. So, I said to my self, ‘Self, that healthy lifestyle thing you’re about to embark on seems pretty impossible right about now, you should join.’  And their blogs are so pretty, and the button was so irresistibly cute, I couldn’t help myself, I just upped and joined in. Trouble is, their challenge is to accomplish one impossible thing in the month of January. Elegant, short, and to the point. My impossibility is a 13 month slog. I’d like to stay with the spirit of the Imagine the Impossibilities theme, but the truth is, the program I’ve pinned all my hopes on, is having some delays in getting started, so consequently, I’m experiencing some delays myself.

If you’re new to LaLa Land, or don’t remember what my impossibility is, I wrote about it here. I’ve gotten email assurances that the program is still a go, and will start in January, but there are only 5 days left in January, so… we shall see… impossible things keep happening every day!

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