I sometimes get obsessesed with things…. getting healthy, my kids theatre productions, beer… and I like to share my obsessions with the bloggy world!

Well, I have a new obsession – Infographics.  If you don’t know what an Infographic is, or what it is used for, allow me to count the ways!

  1. It is a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge.  These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.  (This dry boring definition is courtesy of Wikipedia)
  2. It is a lovely picture that can make dry boring facts seem infinitely more interesting.
  3. It is a way to make sense of incomprehensible information.
  4. It is a way to say paragraphs, when you’d otherwise be limited to 140 characters
  5. It’s a little like a comic book in the way that you read them
  6. They are entertaining
  7. They are pretty and creative
  8. There isn’t anything you can say that can’t be said better with an Infographic
  9. You will draw people’s attention much faster with an Infographic than you will with text.
  10. and, when all else fails in explaining things… use a picture… or Infographic!

Until now, I would have resorted to finding someone else’s Infographic to use.  But I just found Piktochart and I made my very own lovely Infographic all by myself, in under an hour! Now every thought, or question, I have, I see in the form of an Infographic! I truly am obsessed!

This week, I’m linking to Pink Saturday where Beverly invites us to Share Our Pink Obsession Inspiration. Infographics is mine… what’s yours?

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