Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today…

“I mean it,” I said. “You’re in danger.”

“Relax, Harry. I’m not letting anyone lick me, and I’m not looking anyone in the eyes. It’s kind of like visiting New York.” ― Jim Butcher, Grave Peril 

Downtown Dad, Tessie Wee and I take off from the Minneapolis airport too damn early Monday morning, freeloading on accompanying DD on a business trip to negotiate a bond for the city’s utility district.  Sounds complicated, but Tess and I don’t have to worry our pretty little heads with any of that – we get to stay in SoHo, explore the city on our own, see Wicked on Broadway, and whatever else we can cram in before Wednesday afternoon!  

And hell, after surviving our family photo session relatively unscathed, the prospect of being a tourist in New York for two days holds no peril for me! 

If you don’t believe me, you can follow along – seriously.  I’m going to be very “social network” savvy about this trip with my own Twitter hashtag and everything!  


For anyone who doesn’t know, a Twitter hashtag is something that ties together different conversations into one stream.  By using the hashtag, you can find that conversation by searching in Twitter or some other tool, like Hootsuite.  Using #lalainnyny, and @Lindalla, you can ask questions, make suggestions, point out grave peril, see pictures, and literally come along with us on our trip!

Gotta go pack my vagabond shoes!  Hope to hear from you along the way!

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