Welcome to the NEW Lala Land

I’m a little nervous about this.  After all, I’ve been with the Blogger platform since 2005.  I’m “old school.”  Urged by my friend Lonna at Deskchef, I’m intrigued by the fact WordPress will suggest other blogs I might be interested in.  I took a little look around, and well, I like the neighborhood here at WordPress, so I’m thinking about moving.

I really like my new header… I made it myself with Ribbet.  I was kind of hoping that there would be more font choices – but maybe I just haven’t found them.  I’m afraid this has a more serious look than I was going for.  Also glad to see that I still have the strikeout feature, so I can still appease my cranky bitchy self  inner editor.

I’ll have to get some feedback, but that means actually figuring out how to link people to the new site.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW Lala Land

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