Get Unstuck. Make Something Every Day

Around Mother’s Day, I was remembering my own mother’s advice to me whenever I said those dreaded words “I’m bored,” or “I’m sad.”

She always said that the best way to feel better about yourself, or feel your self worth is to make something.  And by something she meant ANYTHING!

  • make a cake;
  • make a dress;
  • make an appointment;
  • make a list;
  • make a wish;
  • make a mess!

She would rattle off a list that was so diverse, that instead of being bored, I’d be overwhelmed with the possibilities!

In my search for blog post motivation that would involve making something, I  found the website Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck – made to order right?  The only thing is, I wanted to do it more digital, and writing based, rather than fill up a paper journal.  So I found another website Kikki K’s, where she has 365 journal prompts that center on making something. I figure I can use my problem solving brain to figure a way to modify the prompts for my blog, and if I can’t, I can write about the experience of doing it.  Either way, I make an effort, and that’s something!

So, here is my first piece…  The instruction was to write my name down the left-hand side of the page, like you would for an acrostic poem; then next to each letter write a positive attribute describing myself that begins with that letter. Being a font fanatic, I chose some fun letters and tried, (using the limited fonts on my work computer) to match it the best I could for the attributes.  I also gave myself the added rule of the attributes being a two word alliteration.


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