Day 2… I Think I’m Starting to Get It

Well, today went a lot better than yesterday, but I have to say, that for all of my whining about already going off the rails, I do think I learned something.

I tell my kids, “There’s no such thing as a bad experience – if you learn from it!”  In the  Coursera course I’m taking on creativity, one of the instructors talks about the Fast Fail Method.  Basically, if you’re trying something new, you should expect to fail, if you don’t, you’re not trying hard enough.  He also says that the faster you fail, the quicker you learn.  You just have to keep getting back up and trying again!  So, the way I look at it, the fact that I felt like a failure on the first day is GREAT NEWS! Plus, I have to keep in mind that this is a journey, and each day is another step in that journey.  How boring this would be if it all went along smoothly without a hitch!

1.  Meditation:  I signed up for a 21 day meditation program a few weeks ago, that uses chanting mantras as the way to keep you focused.  I think it’s really pretty because these sanskrit multi-word mantras are put to sitar or chime-y music and they really sound spiritual.  Having said that, it is going to take quite a few more tries for me to learn the actual HOW TO of this meditation stuff.  I didn’t feel like I really let go or relaxed doing this one.  I think I’ll try other methods.

2.  Gratitude:
1.  I am grateful for Old Navy and their clearance section
2.  I am thankful for the fact that I love to iron, and for the opportunity to get it all done in one afternoon
3.  I am thankful for Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp entree.

3.  Random Act of Kindness:  We met some friends who were passing through town at Starbucks this morning.  They bought our coffees, so I purchased a gift card, then asked the cashier to use it to pay for the next people who ordered at the drive up window until it ran out.

4.  One Good Thing:  Today despite the fact that we had a crazy busy weekend, I actually got the laundry done – well, almost done, but I fully expect to finish it!

5.  Exercise:  I did arm exercises with 10 pound dumbells.  10 reps, 3 arm positions.  Twice.  Boy, I’m gonna feel THAT tomorrow.



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