Day 8 – Fall Down 5 Times, Get Up 6

The Virus/Cold/Cold-Hand-of-Death came back with a vengance last night.  I got up this morning, believing my own “press” from yesterday, and started with 20 minutes of meditation, which really didn’t go too well.  Apparently fever and achy muscles are a little distracting.  I thought maybe I just needed to stretch, so I turned on my yoga ap and got about 5 minutes into it before I just had to give up.  The rest of the day, I dozed through possibly THE WORST television day ever.

1.  Meditation:  Maybe the only thing I had enough energy to at least attempt today.

2.  Gratitude:
1.  I’m grateful for Downtown Dad, who, while I suffered and coughed and snored the afternoon away, painted the kitchen cabinets.
2.  I’m grateful for the ONE good movie that was on this afternoon – Argo.
3.  I’m actually glad we changed our plans to go visit some friends 4 hours away in Bismarck this weekend.  No matter how miserable I was today, at least I wasn’t miserable at someone else’s house!

3.  Act of Kindness:  I’m counting doing laundy as an act of kindness.

4.  One Good Thing:  I got a real kick out of seeing my oldest son, Bobby get dressed up to go to a friend’s wedding.

5.  Exercise:  Tried, failed.  Will try again tomorrow.


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