Day 11 – It’s Getting Harder and Harder To Come Up With Titles

Today I took PTO in order to spend the day learning how to be a better arts board member. It was really worthwhile! Had to get up and on the road early as the meeting was about 40 minutes away, so I had my alarm set for really early in order to get my meditation and yoga in. At this point it feels a little like I’m cheating, because I don’t feel like I’m getting the meditation right. I do love how easy it has been to get the yoga in and how great I feel afterward!

Meditation: Did a guided meditation. It feels like sitting for 15 minutes.

Exercise: 20 minutes of Yoga – ahhhhhhhh!

1. I’m thankful that I’m involved with the arts
2. I’m thankful for beautiful fallish days
3. I’m thankful for educational opportunities

Act of Kindness: It seems that every time I attempt to do something kind or thoughtful, it opens up an opportunity for someone to do something kind for me. Back on day 4, my offer to pick something up for a coworker resulted in free things for me; today, as we were leaving the training room, I decided to clear the table of empty cups and plates. I said “let me get those” then stacked them all up, and as I went to grab the last cup, it dumped water, which caused another person to say “let me get that” and he grabbed some napkins and wiped up my mess!

One Good Thing: The best thing about today was the opportunity to spend 8 hours with members of the board of the Rourke Art Museum, learning how to be a more effective organization.

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