I Did It!

There is certainly something to be said for clearing the log jam in your psyche.

This morning it felt like I was juggling chain saws, when I thought about all the things I had to accomplish!

It’s hard to take the time to get serious, and actually DO those things that you put on your to-do list every day, but just somehow never find the time for. Once they’re done, oh my goodness – it’s such a liberating feeling! You think, now why the hell didn’t I just do this 10 days ago when I was supposed to? For me, the hardest ones are those niggling tasks that probably only take 30 or 40 minutes, but you REALLY don’t want to do them.

I had 12 calls to make to follow up on a membership fund drive letter, that went out last month, for the art museum where I am a board member. It was easy, I mean REALLY easy. Seriously.

1. I know almost all of the people I was assigned to call
2. I had just seen most of them at a gathering this past weekend … AND – they had pretty much all commented on the article our local paper had just run about me and my naturally silver hair!
3. PLUS, I was telling them about an anonymous donation that would match anything they sent in before December 15th!

Seriously, in the fundraising world, those were GOLDEN calls. But you see I’m not a fundraiser. I may be married to one, but I don’t have the chutzpah he has when asking people for money. I guess I justified it by telling myself that I was offering them a deal, rather than asking for money.

For me the hard part is the introduction over the phone. I know these people, but I’m not always sure that they know me. I was totally banking on the hope that they’d remember the newspaper article. In the end, pretty much all of them recognized my name, or pretended to. And pretty much all of them thought it was so nice of me to tip them off to this sweet deal.

But by golly I am going to take tonight and rest on my laurels, because I did it!

OK, I had two beers to build up my courage. But I did it!

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